federal “protection”

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This is the subject that causes the greatest trouble, the greatest insult to my integrity and my sanity, the labelling of me as “delusional,” which I am not now, nor have ever been.

Being in federal “protection” was never, prior to 2008, something I ever thought about, and it has never at any time been something I lied about, or something I imagined.  It has been, since about July 10 of 2008, something I was told about, out of the mouth of a real-live individual calling himself Matthew Lacoy, and I have believed him. For reasons that are convincing enough to me, to both my intellect and my ability to pick up the seriousness in Matthew when he told me these things, I believed him two years ago, and I believe him now. If someday someone with any credibility, someone in a position to know, convinces me that Matthew Lacoy lied, then I will cease believing him. Such a person has not yet presented themselves.

But if your mind is so closed that you can’t conceive of an innocent person stumbling into an organized crime hornet’s nest and ending up in an extremely vicious form of federal protection, then your mind is no doubt going to remain closed. I find that most people would rather hurl armchair diagnoses on the subject of what Matthew told me, than even allow a little space in their minds for the possibility that what Matthew said had happened to me could happen to anyone. So if you feel compelled to label me as something, then all you have any legitimate grounds to call me is gullible, or even stupid, for believing the things Matthew said and did. But you have no right to call me a liar, or to call me a delusional. There is no justifiable basis for such insults to my integrity and to the kind of mind I have.                                                                                            

This kind of situation, this undercover, cloak-and-dagger crap that I’ve had to endure, is by no means glamorous. Certainly I’ve known people in my life who will lie about absolutely anything in order to be on stage, to get attention. To minds like that, a situation like the one Matthew said I had might appear exciting and highly rewarding in the attention-getting department (if such a mind could get someone to believe them). But I am not one of those types and never have been. I’m not a center-stage seeker, nor a seeker after the bizarre and the titillating. My observations of the things Matthew and his colleagues did, and the things they said, and the way I was apparently (Matthew never denied it) used by them, did not give me feelings of being special in any positive way, or of undergoing something exciting. On the contrary, the words and actions of Matthew and his ilk left me with a deep loathing for this country, and for all law enforcement. That is what remains: a disgust for the US government and for any kind of cop anywhere.


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