illegal eviction

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That’s what my eviction was: illegal. Illegal in Massachusetts, anyway. But as I had no lawyer, and no money to hire one,  the landlady was able to get away with this illegal action against me.                                                                      

I wasn’t allowed to have a legal aid attorney because they now only accept clients who have rent subsidies. And although my income was as low as or lower than that of many people on subsidy, because I had no subsidy, I got no lawyer.

In Massachusetts, a retaliatory eviction is considered illegal. If you make any kind of complaint to a landlord, and they take any action against you within 60 days of the complaint, that is considered retaliation, and illegal. On March 20 of 2007 I delivered a letter of complaint to my landlady’s office — complaints regarding only some of the treatment I’d been receiving from the mafia-chick-tenant over seven months. Only ten days after I delivered that letter, I had eviction papers left at my door by a sheriff’s deputy. Illegal.


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