Page Twenty-four, website outline

       “Lbh ner gur fjveyvat gvzr V gubhtug V’q ybfg.

        Lbh ner gur yvtug bs zl avtugf.                                  

        Lbh ner gur erfg bs zl qnlf.”

Fb fnvq n zna gb zr bapr. N zna jvgu uvf urnq hc uvf fbzrguvat be bgure.


Nxonfu II  and III

I reiterate yet again, ad nauseam, that I’m not delusional or psychotic in any way, shape or form. I’m not seeing weirdly spelled sentences appear on the wall of my dwelling unit (I refuse to call this space I wouldn’t give a dog to live in an ‘apartment.’). This is an actual code that was invented by an actual human being long before I was born. I learned it in a book, and so could you, if you wanted to. You can use this code with any language that has an even number of characters in its alphabet. I’ve used it here with English.


V pnaabg tnva n pnaqyr,

zhpu yrff n pnaqyr guebat,                                        

urer va guvf yvtugyrff,

synzryrff pnirea,                            read…    Scealta liatha

va juvpu v jnaqre,                                          Shadowpoems

creuncf orybat.

                                 —- anxvf


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all photos, graphics, poems and text copyright 2010-2013 by anne nakis, unless otherwise stated. all rights reserved.




  1. tobymarx said,

    April 27, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    Dwelling spaces; writing (and other things) on the walls; very familiar territory for me.

    I like your style very much. Whether or not you intend it, much of what you write makes me laugh, because it’s so damnably familiar.

    If you’re interested, I have another site that is all about dwelling spaces, both inner and outer. The URL is http://upfromthedeep.com/.

    Keep writing, although I realize that this is akin to saying, “keep breathing.”

  2. ruthnoakes said,

    June 4, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    love code also, our own language is just a code too. I once learnt hieroglyphics and also Runic, still write in them.

    I’d love to see you post about the Voynich manuscript, I think your interpretations and opinions on it, if you have any, would be a fascinating read as well as this post is.

    I don’t suppose you’ll reveal exaclty what your code means, but I like it 😛

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